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Forum History

Wellfleet Community Forum was established in March, 1997, during a period of controversy and contention in Wellfleet.

The removal of a popular Town Administrator and a recall effort aimed at the Board of Selectmen caused deep divisions. Diminishing participation in Boards and Committees and difficulty reaching a quorum at Town Meetings were symptomatic of the disaffection among many groups in a very diverse town. The Wellfleet Community Forum was organized to give all citizens an opportunity to discuss town issues and learn more about them. A Board of Directors was created to reflect the many diverse factions of Wellfleet and guide the Forum.

Since then, the Forum has held nearly a hundred Forum Programs on a variety of concerns–many on current controversies, others of a general nature about town affairs. At each of these Forum Programs anyone in attendance has been encouraged to speak out, ask questions, and enlist others in an issue of concern.

The Forum has been an important catalyst in creating greater participation in Town Government. Many Forum participants used the knowledge and experience gained from the Forum to become members of virtually every key Board and Committee in town: Planning, Conservation, Open Space, Finance, Housing Authority, Board of Selectmen, and others.

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